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University of California, Irvine

UCI Rocket Project

Each year for the last few years a team of undergraduate students has designed, contructed and flown a rocket. For more information go to ucirp.eng.uci.edu. Financial support from the UCI Undergraduate Research Opportunities is gratefully acknowledged.


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UCI's Rocket Project launches the 2007-2008 rocket in Green River, Utah on 6/26/08
Target: 10,000 ft
Rocket's Height: 10,050 ft
Next closest team: 8,900 ft
Top speed: 1,000 ft/sec

UCI Rocket ZOT 1, Sept. 9th 2006, Lucerne Valley, CA


Flight Dynamics and Control Lab Flight Dynamics and Control Lab

UCI University Of California, Irvine

To contact Professor Mease: kmease@uci.edu